sorting-functions -in-php

May 2, 2013
Posted by admin 12:26 AM

In PHP we have different types of functions to sort the array. We can use these sorting functions when we want to display the array in some order . These sorting functions make our task easier .Some of the important array sorting functions are

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Difference between array merge and array combine

April 15, 2013
Posted by admin 11:43 PM

array_merge merges the elements of one or more than one array such that the value of one array appended at the end of first array. If the arrays have same strings key then the later value overrides the previous value for that key .

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What is PHP

February 17, 2013
Posted by admin 1:15 AM

PHP is an open source server side scripting language used to develop dynamic websites.PHP stand for Hypertext Preprocessor and also know as Personal home Page

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Session in php

January 1, 2013
Posted by admin 3:51 AM

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PHP error handling

December 29, 2012
Posted by admin 3:04 PM

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