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Need Of Object-Oriented Programming

Need Of Object-Oriented Programming

February 2, 2013
Posted by admin 2:39 PM


 When we are going to work with classes and objects we always think why there is need of classes and object although without classes and objects our code works well. But after some work on classes and objects we think, yeah its better to work with classes and objects .And then we can understand that Object oriented Programming is better than procedural Programming.

Object oriented programming requires a different way of thinking about how can we construct our application.

Lets take a short example:

When we are going to build a house .We distribute the works needed to make a house we can divide the works in different part and deliver to different persons like plumber for water supply, electrician for electricity etc. The electrician doesn’t need to know that the work of plumber and vice versa.

In the same way in Object Oriented Programming we can divide our applications in different modules called classes .And one class is separate from other classes .It has its own functionality and features.

So what advantages we can get from Object Oriented Programming:

1: Reusability Of Code:  In object oriented programming one class can easily copied to another application if we want to use its functionality 

       e.g.  When we work with hospital application and railway reservation application .In both application we need person class  so we have to write only one time the person class  and it can easily use in other application.

 2: Easily Discover a bug: When we work with procedural programming it take a lot of time to discover a bug and resolve it .But in object   Oriented Programming   due to modularity of classes  we can easily discover the bug and we have to change in one class only and  this change make in all the application only by changing it one class only.

3: Object- Oriented Programming enables us to easily model our applications based on the real world which help us to easily identify the requirements, what code is to be written and how different classes interact with each other which have same properties and behaviors.